My name is ISABEL.

I’m an awareness Life Coach, Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator; Talk to The Entities Certified Facilitator, Catalyst of change, Singer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur and Investor.

My focus is to facilitate more consciousness & to bring back the magic & communion with the Earth. to contribute to people around the world to unlock and discover their awareness intelligence & capacities by empowering them with practical & powerful tools that will allow them to start living beyond the walls of limitations, polarity, judgments of this reality and empowering them to choose what would create the life they truly desire.

I’ve been always a seeker of consciousness, a little wacky weirdo who couldn’t really fit into any box or society standards. The more I tried to fit the more unhappy and destructive I became and for a long time I felt so wrong and so alone.!
​I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ADHD when doctors concluded that my way of being and intensity and my out of the box way of thinking was nothing else but the result of an illness. Fortunately I never bought this as true and I always knew something else was possible and fortunately what I almost bought as a disability end up actually being my gifts and capacities that has allowed me to contribute to myself to my own creations and to so many people around the world.

​I spent years of study into alternative systems and therapies. From meditation to a multitude energy-healing modalities, hypnosis and other life skills training. I am certified with a selection of techniques that together creates a unique mix and tools to facilitate my clients. My primary and most important system I use to facilitate myself and others are the tools of Access Consciousness®.

Access Consciousness® has been the amplifier that has and keeps taking me to a whole different level of more EASE, JOY, GLORY & POTENCY that I knew existed, never found before and was looking for so long. I started remembering who I was… no more trying to fit in others people’s realities or cut any parts of myself anymore. How does it get any better?

“What if what you think is your biggest weakness is actually your greatest strength?”

“What would it take for you to realize how crucial you are to the possibilities of the world?”
– Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness.

​The tools are so effective, accessible, powerful and FUN! and I’m so excited to share it with you!

Wanna play? 😀

I offer classes and sessions in English & Spanish. I facilitate classes in North Carolina & love traveling around the world where classes are looking to be created. So if you would like to create & host a class in your area let’s chat! I wonder how much change & magic can we create together!

Welcome to the journey to a totally different & magical life! 🙂